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by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/01/16 03:01 -05:00, original URI:

Regular readers may remember that little mini crisis that happened with Tysabri last year that I posted about here and here.

Anyway, Tysabri is back on track now. But that isn't what this post is about.

I was reminded about all of the folks who had been using Tysabri for years as part of the study, people who had been doing quite well but who had to stop taking the drug due to the voluntary recall while the drug companies figured out the cause of the problem.

It probably made some people unhappy that even though they had no sign of PML they were being kept off of a drug that they had been doing well with, for years....

I thought about it when I heard from a customer the other day:

Apologies for using the contact form but comments to your locale builder post has been closed. The version available on MSDN have expired, is there any newer non-expired version of the Locale Builder available for use on Vista RTM?

It is true, if you install the currently available drop of the Microsoft Locale Builder (download page here) the install will work. But then if you run the tool, the following error will come up:

Now the download info has been quite clear that this version is intended for Vista Beta 2, but clearly there was a bit of timing problem.

Time bombs are place in beta versions of products for very good reasons (ref: this post), but it is sometimes a bit like when you are coming up from the bottom of the pool hen you find you can't hold your breath any longer and you come up sputtering -- you must have miscalculated how long you were going to e under the water. and you hate when that happens, don't you? :-)

But don't worry, the release of Microsoft Locale Builder will happen real soon now, just hang in a little bit longer and the release version will be out.

And the team that put the time bomb in for too soon will have learned their lesson, too. They will think back to that time when they thought they were being so conservative but it turns out they weren't. And so next time they will be more skeptical about the promised release date. So everybody wins....


This post brought to you by ۝ (U+06dd,a.k.a. ARABIC END OF AYAH)

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