UTF-8 in the Visual Studio 6.0 Debugger?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/12/03 03:01 -05:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2006/12/03/1194970.aspx

Eran asks via the Contact link during the period between when the Suggestion Box hit the 90-day limit and when I noticed it:

Hello Michael,

This should have been posted on the suggestions post, but it seems to have been closed due to the 90 days limit… That, and you home page is on fire! ;-)

I have a question that doesn't relay to a recent development, but was hoping you could give me a hand anyway:

I'm working with UTF8 strings that sometimes store Hebrew or other non-English text. Looking at the chars, there's no way of understanding the text during debug. I can add translations to Unicode in certain locations in the code, but this isn't a flexible solution. What I'd really like is that for the VC(6) IDE to be able to encode those strings in the watch window or so, but since that weren't possible any other workaround would be just fine. Any tip or trick?



There really isn't much of a tip or trick that I have, unfortunately. The truth is that there is nothing really built in to handle UTF-8 in this situation.

However, one could probably try to work with the Visual Studio add-in model to try to produce something here. There are lots of hints you can find by looking at source in projects like this one or looking at macro approaches like this one or even this one.

It is actually the sort of sample that would be nice to see someone put together, though a quick search I did around didn't find anything.

Does anyone know of one out there? If not maybe I'll throw something together....


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# sorin on 15 Aug 2008 7:29 AM:

Sadly nobody made such an addon, Looking at UTF-8 in VC debugger is a real pain.

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