Keyboards under LUA (the MSKLC 1.3 workaround!)

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/11/30 19:55 +00:00, original URI:

There are many many people who have been unhappy about the bug I mentioned in Keyboards under LUA, and not everyone wants to wait until the end of January for MSKLC 1.4, so I figured I would post the workaround to this problem so everyone would have it. :-)

Obviously one workaround is to use the Run as administrator console as I pointed out in that Keyboards under LUA post. But for those who would rather be able to just double click on the .MSI file, here is the workaround....

First, you have to install Orca (you can get a copy from Aaron Stebner's blog if you don't want to download the whole Platform SDK).

Then, right click on the install package and choose the Edit with Orca option:


After that, select the CustomAction table on the left. You should see three items in the table:


That second column is the Type column. If you take those last two entries and change them from 1 to 3073 then save and exit.

Now if you double click on your .MSI file, you will still be prompted to elevate just as the Keyboards under LUA post mentions, but once you elevate, everything will work and the keyboard layout will install.

Of course the update for MSKLC will do all this for you.

But a lot of people have been complaining about this particular issue not for themselves but for users they give the packages to. So I figure posting this information might really help some people out. :-)



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