Now if I were Rory, I might try to take the fact in the title, combine it with some girlfriends of the past who were actually in a position and/or profession to have photographic layouts of themselves done as part of their career, and move into an extended analogy about how layouts in general do not impress me.

Of course I am not as eloquent as he is, and even if I were I don't think I'd be posting cheesecake photos to make my point on this, my MSDN blog. So I'll just skip all that and get to the actual technical bit and skip the extended analogy.

Ready? Here we go....

Random keyboard layouts don't impress me.

I mention this because I have gotten tons of mail from people who have patents on the layout that they believe will change the world if only Microsoft wanted to buy it to supporters of the Colemak keyboard layout (which used to have a Wikipedia link here which went away since it was deleted in accordance with their deletion policy) who think I'll jump on and support the notions of supporting those who are re-inventing the most intuitive keyboard layout.

Well, Microsoft ain't buying it and neither am I.

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator was created to address the single largest customer request that we had been getting.

Or to be more technically accurate, the requests put it on the roadmap; it was the personal pain that I and others had to go through in creating a bunch of keyboards for a big customer in a hurry that led to getting the tool done. :-)

And I am happy MSKLC is out there; I am even happier at being able to convince management that the update for MSKLC running on Vista is a requirement.

But that doesn't mean I am going to be excited about people's layouts. If people have something interesting to say then I am glad to hear it. But it isn't the layout or the reasons behind it that are going to fascinate me.

Hmmm..... that is kind of why the other kind of layout doesn't impress me either. Maybe I should have spent more time on the analogy. :-)

Ah well, too late now; the post is almost over. But please keep in mind that hearing about the super cool Spaceman Spiff keyboard layout that you created or know about it or that you scientifically proved would cure Lupus Erythematosus is, while slightly more interesting to me than watching cars rust, slightly less interesting to me than watching paint dry.

Nothing personal....


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