You wonder if like Vista supports custom locales? Fer shur!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/11/09 07:28 -05:00, original URI:

I asked Shawn if he could include the Valley Girl locale in his collection of some custom locale samples. And he did, you can check it out. :-)

The origin of this locale and its hilarious underlying data predates custom locales and custom cultures; it was originally something that Cathy and I joked about doing to Julie's machine one day if she left her workstation unlocked. It would have been done the old way, as a private version of the locale data that would never ship but one day she'd notice.

Kind of like when we threatened to write her bio once on the team page if she didn't do it herself. When I finally did it (I took a Julia Roberts bio and replaced the Julia references to Julie and then forgot about it until several months later I mentioned it an offhand way and she realized finally who did it (she had noticed it ages ago).

Now we never did the full valley girl locale though we had mentioned it to Julie and she was kind of looking for us to do it some day. However, the notion of sneaking it on her machine remained something of a "thought prank" until one day, when I was talking to Shawn about his Klingon locales and he mentioned wanting to have some more samples, so I mentioned that Julie had been kinda hoping for this one. So he went ahead and did it....

 It was freaking hilarious, and Julie liked it too. When I was showing it off at the MVP webcast I was actually asked if Klingon and Valley Girl were going to ship with Vista.:-)

Well, they aren't. But anyone can grab them from the link off of Shawn's post and like totally enjoy them, fer shur!


This post brought to you by V (U+0056, a.k.a. LATIN CAPITAL LETTER V)

# Dean Harding on 9 Nov 2006 5:37 PM:

I've always wants a pig-Latin locale. Like that scene from Robin Hood: Men in Tights,

"We will conduct the prayer in the new Latin. Oh Ordlay, iveusgay ouryay essingsblay, aaaaamenay"

# Charles Bocock on 10 Nov 2006 6:23 AM:

When do we get the tools so I can finally make that English locale? ;)

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