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by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/10/21 04:36 -04:00, original URI:

So I saw Mark Russinovich do a presentation yesterday. It was about User Access Control in Vista.

I arrived a few minutes earlier than I might have normally, but this was intentional since when I was at his talk last week it was standing room only and they were turning people away at the door assuring them the audio was being recorded with the slides (something that does not work as well if you end up going in reverse a lot, which I think Mark had to do once or twice!).

Anyway, I took my review copy of Unicode 5.0 (more on this soon, though if you want to look at a cool review from Andrew Updegrove in the meantime here) since I knew I'd have a few minutes....

So after a few minutes someone walks up and asks me "What are you reading?".

I look up to start to answer and of course it's Mark. I was in much better shape than last time, I think because I assumed he wouldn't remember me. So I showed him the cover and told him the new version of the standard was out and the printed version would be out any day. He shot my theory about his memory down with his next question, asking "Aren't you presenting next week?".

And I am. Perhaps I was about to feel flustered, though luckily something was happening with the setup in the front of the room so he was pulled away soon after I said something moderately inarticulate.

I still don't understand how I can talk for hours about Spem in alium, the forty-voice choir by Thomas Tallis, which is something I know nothing about, yet I have trouble with a simple conversation about things I completely understand.

The presentation itself was quite good, and he mentioned he'd be doing it externally in the future so even if you don't work for MS you'll have a chance to see it someday. And afterward, I went up to talk to Dave and Eric about the audio setup for next week (they are both out that day, so I figured I'd better ask now!), and was able to have an intelligent conversation with all of the folks there, including Mark. So maybe I'm over this weird problem, whatever it is.

Unless he shows up next week, of course!

Anyway, I'll post more about the presentation next week, and it may be something that could be done externally at some point (though it is not what I am doing at the IUC next month). And of course the subject matter will be showing up in several blog posts over the next month or two. It is about custom locales on Vista, and some of the interesting architectural issues that they open up -- both for people inside of Microsoft and for customers outside of it....


This post brought to you by (U+0f07, a.k.a. TIBETAN MARK YIG MGO TSHEG SHAD MA)

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