The version of App Locale that runs on Vista?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/10/17 07:00 +00:00, original URI:

The question that Eiji asked me was simple enough:

Do you know the apploc version that supports Vista?

I got the question from Internal user (who needs it for Vista selfhosting on en-us and run Japanese ANSI apps with en system locale).

I tried the existing apploc on Vista, but the installation failed with unknown error.

And, in my opinion, the situation has not been changed since XP/WS03, I think we need the support for Vista.

Of course my first instinct in such situations is to scream Use Unicode! but I figured I should contain myself. So I stopped for a moment.

And then I thought about the issue that came up with Keyboards under LUA where an MSKLC-created install could not be installed on Vista unless it was run from an elevated command prompt....

So I tried the elevated command prompt in this new scenario and yes, App Locale installed just fine. And I did my typical quick test (running Notepad with a Japanese system locale, typing the Hiragana vowels:


saving the file, and then opening it up from Explorer and seeing the text showing up as:

‚ ‚¢‚¤‚¦‚¨

but then looking correct again if I open it with the "Japanese'd" Notepad provided by App Locale shortcut.

So it looks to me like App Locale works fine under Vista. You just need to the right permissions to be installing it. :-)

Note that as Heath Stewart pointed out here and Robert Flaming pointed out here, an install program with a more conventional name like SETUP.EXE will try to be elevated all on its own, for backward compatibility, with the thousands of other installers that came before it (and without needing manifests or other adjuncts). So you can think of the programs that hit this problem as a much less common scenario of ruggedly independent projects that can't use ordinary and accepted names for their installers....

This may even inspire a decent idea for the next release of MSKLC -- adding a bootstrap program called setup.exe to start things up and work around the whole Keyboards under LUA issue simply? :-)


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