Aim higher if you are trying to hit Plane 2!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/09/21 03:49 -04:00, original URI:

The question that was asked was:

I want to show some surrogate pairs’ characters but failed. I have input the code point d801dc01 using MS IME2003 Internal Code method to save as a Unicode encoding txt file and show it in IE. And I also input it in Word. Both of them appear like a square. Then I installed the font SURSONG.TTF. They are shown like blank in IE and Word. Does anybody know what can I do to show it? Am I wrong in those steps?

Thank you very much.

Well, if any of you regular readers remember that post I did about the surrogate code space about a year ago (The Basics of Supplementary), then you know what is going on here. Especially looking at the surogate code units that were picked (U+d801 and U+dc01).

I mean that is U+10401, a.k.a. DESERET CAPITAL LETTER LONG E, and as I pointed out in Is Vista Leaving on a Jet Plane [1]?, Plane 1 fonts are for the most part something that is not available in the box in MS products. Plane 2, there are several. But for the tine being all of the non-math Plane 1 is not covered....

So the moral of the story (to answer that orginal question), if you want to make it to Plane 2, you have aim higher!


This post brought to you by 𐐁 (U+10401, a.k.a. DESERET CAPITAL LETTER LONG E)

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