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That's right, I said Avrupalılaştıramadıklarımızdanmışsınızcasına.

(I want to see how soon it shows up in search engines after this post goes live; at the moment, it gets no hits at all, in Google or MSN Search)

Anyway, it is a great word that I learned the other day in a fascinating talk about how the Turkish language works, given by Fetiye Karabay.

More on the Turkish language can be found on Wikipedia, including the fact that the agglutinative nature of the language makes such words possible....

What is the meaning of the word, you ask? Oh, I get it. You must not know Turkish very well. :-)

It means

"As if you are one of those whom we haven’t Europeanized"

[Hamza GÖLYERİ noted that a better translation would be:
"As if you are one of those whom we weren't able to Europeanize"

Which is a fascinatingly ironic word in my opinion, given how "Europeanized" or at least Turkicisized you would have to be to understand the agglutination, vowel harmony, allomorphy, stem changes and reduplication of Turkish that a small child who speaks the language understands effortlessly.

Even just imagining the issues with word breaking and stemming can make a man with notions of linguistic aptitude dizzy.

And does, let me tell you.

I will probably talk about things such as Turkish vowel harmony another time, as they are a fascinating language feature that helps put the whole dotless/dotted uppercase/lowercase I thing in a more interesting context than the usual annoyed grunts from people due to 

If you know what I mean....


This post brought to you by İ and ı (U+0130 and U+0131, a.k.a. LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH DOT ABOVE and LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS I)

Hamza GÖLYERİ on 20 Aug 2006 12:27 PM:


A minor correction. Actually "As if you are one of those whom we weren't able to Europeanized" would be a better translation of the word “Avrupalılaştıramadıklarımızdanmışsınızcasına”.

Michael S. Kaplan on 20 Aug 2006 2:37 PM:

Ah, thanks for the correction. That word is even more ironic!

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