Snakes on an Invisible Plane

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/08/13 03:01 -04:00, original URI:

Julie Bennett was telling me that Samuel L. Jackson called her to tell her about seeing Snakes on a Plane, and while I admit that I was somewhat skeptical I should have realized that Julie would never deceive me. Someone among her many friends must have gone up to this site to arrange the call. :-)

Sorry for ever doubting you, hon!

Though when Cathy and I both admitted to finding Patrick Hall's take on the movie to be pretty funny, Julie decided we were both geeks.

Fair enough. Yet another reason that I have no plans to become a hairdresser any time soon.

Well, that and the fact that although I find brushing through the long tresses of people I know and like to be soothing (as do they), that a) sharp objects, b) total strangers, and c) me are simply not a safe combination. Sorry about that....

I am sure Julie might have felt differently about how geeky we were had we succeeded in getting Wonder Woman's INVISIBLE JET encoded. I am not giving up hope, what with this proposal still out there. Because you wouldn't have to put a magic lasso around around me to get the truth about whether the INVISIBLE JET should be encoded -- we definitely need it in the standard.

Maybe that could be the sequel -- Snakes on an Invisible Plane.


This post brought to you by ✈᷂ (U+2708 U+1dc2, a.k.a. AIRPLANE + COMBINING SNAKE BELOW)

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