It's great to have stuff in the top 10 (sort of)

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/07/26 03:01 -04:00, original URI:

I was looking at the MSDN home page and I noticed the Top 10 Downloads list:

See that MSLU link? Cool! Not bad for a technically unsupported tool!

Of course it was a little sad that MSKLC was not in the top 10; in fact, it wasn't even in the top 100:

but on the other hand, at least the Microsoft Layer for Unicode is on the top 10 list. I was curious it it was really #4 like that main page list implied, so I thought I'd check it's rank:

So #36 is in the top 10. Must be that new Microsoft math or something, that rounds way the freak down!

If MSLU weren't there, I'd assume it was a marketing thing, given the prominence of the .NET Framework downloads and all. It seems like they are using some bizarre algorithm, kind of like the one they use to elect presidents in the United States? :-)

I am just kidding, it is probably the difference between "developer" downloads and all types, with the developer downloads on the MSDN site.

Oh well, it is just nice to know people are still interested....

Someone even pointed out to me that there was even a Wikipedia article about MSLU, which even links here to this blog (to the MSLU category). It was interesting to read more about the open source projects replacing both the LIB and the DLL, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all. :-)

Nothing about MSKLC in Wikipedia, though. Sigh....

(and no, this is not a hint to anyone to write such an article. I am a much bigger fan of these things generically working themselves out without direct involvement using an almost Trekian devotion to a non-interference directive!)

Though in any case, they were both cool projects to work on. So I'm not gonna complain. It was just nice to see one of them in the sorta top 10!


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