Blogging is stupid, sometimes

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/07/24 15:37 -04:00, original URI:

I was asked by a friend if I had an opinion about Rory's Blogging is Stupid post.

I am probably the wrong person to ask, truth be told.

I have actually had people tell me that they stopped reading this blog because of a specific post, like this one. I have had people suggest I should be summarily fired for another one. And I have had people tell me I am offensive and rude for other posts.

At least two people have told me that they more or less can't stand this blog and they only read it for the same reason they used to read my CIS messages and/or newsgroup posts -- because they want to see what I will say next.

I am reminded of that Bobcat Goldthwait joke I quoted before as a way to officially respond to most of thesed critcisms. I can't comment on the "being fired" part other than to say that I guess my employers didn't agree since I was not, in fact, fired....

On the whole I agree with Rory's post (except the part about cleaning myself with a cat). The subject matter of this blog is still stuff I find interesting. And a lot of that is in the work that I do and that my colleagues do. Some of it also about music I enjoy, and some is about MS, and the rest is just random stuff that catches my eye.

I am glad that I posted about Multiple Sclerosis and my various trials and tribulations related to it. There are people who have said I am crazy to have done so and even crazier to keep doing so, but I guess I don't see it that way. If you do, and if you are offended by the posts, then I guess I have missed out on that part time "role model" job, but it probably would violate moonlighting agreement anyway.

For the small subset of readers who are in prison and have no control over what pages are bought up in the browser, just tell the warden I am secretly giving you the location for the file that is hidden in your cellblock so that they should go to another blog before they find themselves with a record number of breakouts.

For everyone else, if you are offended by a post, the best thing to do is not read it. If I stop being me then there isn't very much point to it, you know?

And if you are offended by the whole blog then what the hell are you doing here? There is lots of stuff that is interesting that you can try instead....

# Paul on 24 Jul 2006 6:14 PM:

Your blog is one of the most informative and well written I've come across, and really highlights the efforts you and your team go to to make internationisation of windows a priority. From GUI design, fonts, API and programming design choices, all with a sense of humour.

So heres a vote for "keep up the great work". I may not be into every post you have, but thats cool, sometimes I'm not into the things my best friends talk about. As long as you get something out of posting, and people get something out of reading, then its all good right?

# Mark Smith on 25 Jul 2006 3:54 AM:

Blog on, Michael, blog on.

There will always be people who cheer you on and people who try to shut you up.  If you feel it is right for you to maintain this blog and to write about things personal to you - then go for it.

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