Friends not only let friends eat crackers -- they show up to watch!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/07/14 10:45 -04:00, original URI:

In the spirit of the milk bet, I got the following invite yesterday:

As some of you have heard by now, there is something known as a Saltine challenge. The goal is to eat 7 saltines in 60 seconds. If you're interested and well-hydrated, join us in ##/#### tomorrow :)



Group morale events have clearly reached a new high (or perhaps a new low, it is all a matter of perspective!).

Yes, there is indeed The Saltine Challenge, which you can read a bit about here and here and here and here (or do your own searches, it is a popular bit of folklore). Obviously some of those on the NLS and MST teams plan to outdo the original Nabisco ad campaign and do seven crackers, not just six....

For those participating, Mike (another Mike, not the Mike who was formerly ours) explains the chunking strategy:

Alright, I'll give up the goods on the chunking method now:

Basically, if you eat three, then two, then one, it seems quite a bit easier to accomplish the feat. The idea is that by getting three out of the way in one swoop while you're still somewhat wet, you're slaying half the beast right away. Doing one right after the other is bad because you're pretty much bone dry after only the first cracker, and doing all six right away is bad because that's just too much cracker to break down.

Incidentally, when I did seven, it was with a 4-3 strategy. Still haven't been able to do a 4-4 yet though. And I wonder why my mouth is so scratched up this week...

He was able to evedntually do eight saltines, using a 3-3-2 strategy.

And then Mike (the first Mike, the one who was formerly ours) took a break from producing humorous and not-for-public-sharing build break haiku poems to provide the following little ditty:

oodles of saltines
all stuffed into my dry mouth
I so want to puke

Of course, I think it might be fun to try to combine the two bets somehow -- though milk and cookies is a more conventional combination than milk and crackers. :-)

Got milk?

# Maurits [MSFT] on 15 Jul 2006 11:16 PM:


Note the date on that comment, though...

# Julie on 18 Nov 2007 2:23 PM:

A few of my friends attempted the saltine challenge...feel free to watch my video.

Thanks :)

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