Aimee Mann on the TV show Love Monkey

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/04/17 23:31 -04:00, original URI:

Love Monkey was a series on CBS that was unfortunately taken off the air after only three episodes, in a move that was further proof that any show I watch in real-time will be cancelled. :-(

Luckily though, VH1 decided to pick up the eight episodes that were created (without specific promise to create more), so at a minimum we would see what has been done so far.....

A bit about the series, pinched from the VH1 site here:

Love Monkey, based on the best-selling book by Kyle Smith, revolves around Tom Farrell, a 30-something up and coming single record executive who's navigating the tumultuous and highly amusing waters of work and dating in New York City with the help of his buddies. Tom's got it all until he gets fired from his job and dumped by his girlfriend, all in the same day. Fortunately, Tom's friends help him keep his life in full swing: Mike, his buddy who happens to be married to his pregnant sister, Karen; Shooter, his street-wise friend with money; Jake, a handsome former baseball player turned sportscaster; and Bran, his platonic girl friend who always tells it to him straight. With their help and support, Tom finds a new record company to call home and a new woman, Julia Hixon, to fixate on. It's a brand new Tom -- which is to say, it's the same old Tom.

Last week we got to see those first three episodes (shown previously) again. And now this week, we get to see the never before seen episode featuring Aimee Mann entitled 'The one that got away'.

It will be on VH1 at 9pm with various replayings throughout the week on Wednesday, Friday, Satuday, and Sunday (check your local listings for exact times).

Beyond the coolness of getting to see the lost 'Aimee Mann' episode (which is pretty cool!), Kyle's book was excellent and the whole series had been a lot of fun. No word on whether any new episodes will ever be made, but I remain hopeful that it might happen. :-)

# HeatherLeigh on 18 Apr 2006 11:01 AM:

I'm bummed that they canceled it. I love Love Monkey. I want it to come back! Glad it seems that I am not the only one ; )

# Michael S. Kaplan on 18 Apr 2006 11:18 AM:

You are definitely not alone on this one, Heather. I have several friends who are fans....

Brian on 12 Nov 2007 9:06 PM:

I also liked Love Monkey. It gave me a sense of belonging, and of course they cancled it.

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