Not so ambiguous [to me!]

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/03/23 19:50 -05:00, original URI:

Over at Language Log Plaza, Eric Bakovic was gushing a bit about Apple stuff, and he did note a few sentences in interviews that he found to be ambiguous. The one that struck my eye:

Except that one day in the near recent past everybody woke up and found out that while all the geniuses were blathering on about content this and content that, the media culture had, in fact, come to be dominated by machines. It's Steve's gadget- centric world which we just live in.

Isn't it sort of saying that (emphasis added) it is Steve Jobs' gadget-centric world; the rest of just live here (and have no claim on the world!) or something like that?

A sort of poetic, Vanity Fair way of how Triumph (the insult comic dog) explains/describes the way that everyone flocked to Star Wars sequels in a bit from Late Night:

"...thousands of 35-year-old men waiting days even months for just a taste of George Lucas' table scraps...lonely men who have never had sex... "

Eric is probably right though. I may be reading too much into this.... :-)

# bg on 24 Mar 2006 5:09 AM:

"it's Steve Jobs' gadget-centric world; the rest of just live here (and have no claim on the world!)"

Isn't that DRM in action! ;)


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