MSLU with MFC and the CRT

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/03/21 09:35 -05:00, original URI:

Leandro Becker posted the following suggestion to the MSDN Product Feedback Center:

FDBK47566: Unicows (MSLU) version of MFC 8.0 and CRT 8.0

and then posted about it here in this blog in the Suggestion Box.

He may or may not have seen that this is a duplicate of the following suggestion from over a year ago:

FDBK20661: Provide a MSLU-enabled version of MFC and CRT

I am not against the idea - it is one that I pushed for myself, several different times during and after the development of the Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Win9x Systems. There were even many bug fixes made to help make sure that MFC applications would work well with MSLU.

But Martyn Lovell's resolution of the original issue is still as true as it was when he posted it, and the new post does not really add any substantive reason to reconsider the issue (and now, over a year later, it is even less likely to be compelling).

So I think it is probably a longshot. Sorry, Leandro. :-(

# J. Daniel Smith on 21 Mar 2006 5:27 PM:

Personally, I'm glad that Microsoft isn't expending resources doing something like this.

Windows XP is now nearly five years old which is plenty of time to migrate away from Windows 98 (and 95 and ME).  If that's not an option, then continue to use Visual Studio 2003 (wanting to  quickly jump to VS 2005 but still use MSLU on Win98 doesn't quite add up in my mind).

# Michael S. Kaplan on 21 Mar 2006 8:04 PM:

Yes, that makes the whole thing less likely -- it is not a common requirement.

Had there been a harder push than just lil old me (a vendor at the time!) asking for redist rights back when 7.0 of VC++ was released,  the situation may have been different. I think at this point it is probably too late....

# Ted on 22 Mar 2006 10:56 AM:

Agreed, but the least they could've done is make sure MSLU works in the static MFC/CRT linking case (the recommended approach in the Platform SDK).  

It doesn't, due to the common dialog wrapper of MFC 8.0 introduced for isolation aware apps.  In fact, step 4-3 of the MFC rebuild instructions also applies to normal static linking of MFC to your app, plus as an extra step you have to delete and recreate that wrapper in your InitInstance since it was hard built into the static library InitInstance (with commdlg32.dll instead of unicows.dll)

# Michael S. Kaplan on 22 Mar 2006 2:33 PM:

Yuck, Ted. :-(

Interested in updating the instructions? If you are there is a topic in the suggestion box you may want to take a look at, too.


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