In the Round at The Flying Lion

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/03/19 03:00 -05:00, original URI:

I went to see Kristin Connell at The Flying Lion Cafe in West Seattle last night. It was an 'In the Round' show feauring Kristin, Sean Bendickson (who I had seen a couple of months ago at St. Clouds), Julia Dumas (who I had not seen before, and who did point out that her last name was pronounced without the 's' -- so it was not dumbass!), and Ben Fuller.

Bright Side Broadcast even did a podcast of the show....

Before the show I talked to Kristin for a bit and she once again asked if I had a myspace page (I don't, though it seems all of the musicians I listen to do?). he glances at this blog a bit, but I am sure I'll have to talk more about the shows I go to if I want to hold the interest. :-)

Anyway, the show was a very interesting mix of styles and themes -- you would have a hard time finding four local artists who you would think were less likely be together.

But I think the show worked, and everyone ended up getting laughs for the between show banter, and even some of the song titles and stories. Ms. Dumas even did a little Britney Spears cover, which of course left poor Ben wondering how he was supposed to follow that. :-)

Going back a few weeks (the week before the IUC), I was down in San Fransisco watching Kathleen Edwards at the Swedish and American Hall. I probably ought to post about that show at some pont, too. I'll do that soon....

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