Seeing Duncan Sheik at The Triple Door

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/02/19 17:01 -05:00, original URI:

Last weekend, I went to see Duncan Sheik last weekend at The Triple Door in Seattle.

It was funny, I had bought a couple of tickets and I had also put up some flyers for his management so my name was at the door for myself and a guest, too -- so I found myself with the equivalent of four tickets....

But most of the people who I would have thought to ask to go to such a show (due to me mentioning previously that I might do such a thing!) were either away (e.g. Kevin and Cathy were on vacation) or working (e.g. Kristin was in Omak doing a show of her own).

Now Kristin told me later that her show went really well, but she did wish she could have gone. I first met her when she was opening for Jim Boggia, who was also opening for Duncan at The Triple Door. Some sort of synchrony there? :-)

Anyway, it was just Teresa and I at the show.

I don't mind supporting artists I like so I did not mind that I had bought two tickets that I did not need. As it turns out, I'm not sure whether it was being "on the list" or riding in with the scooter that got us sitting right up front. Either way we had a great view of the whole show....

Let me start by saying I had never been to this venue before, but at least from where we were both the sound and the show were awesome. I will definitely keep my eye on their schedule for the future.

Ok, so Jim Boggia came out and opened up, and the venue already looked pretty full. It seems like there were a few serious Boggiafilees in the crowd as people seemed very enthusiastic. An awesome opener, I wish I had a setlist but I forgot to bring a pen. :-(

But as usual his performance was great; he is a classic. He actually said some great things about Teddy and Duncan on the tour (I did not know who Teddy was at the time, I guess I assumed he was in the band?)

After he did his set, he came down right past us and saw us sitting there -- and remembered us from The Green Room, which was awesome. I swear I am junkie for that sort of thing -- you know, any time someone way more famous than me remembers who I am? That is just really cool.

I just looked over on his blog (sorry, no RSS feed!) and saw a rather amusing story of being apparently locked in the trailer at two minutes to showtime. The story is very Jim, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, we chatted for a few minutes before he headed over to the merchandise table. I think the couple sitting to our left were impressed....

And then, there was a second opener! The Teddy that Jim referred to was Teddy Thompson, who came out and played for a bit. Teresa had been chatting with the folks next to us (something I doubt I will ever be as good at -- having conversations is easy for me; starting them is not). And after Teddy was done and came out, our neighbor was posing for a picture with Teddy which Teresa was taking with her cellular phone. Who says technology isn't grand? :-)

Ok, then the time came and out popped Duncan, playing a great, relaxed yet nevertheless intense set (which is how I have always seen Duncan -- very laid back yet with an emotional intenity in his songs that is at times palpable).

About halfway though, David Poe came out and did a few songs with Duncan, and David mentiond that he and Duncan were forming a new band. I will definitely keep and eye out for what's going on there....

Anyway I had found a pen by that time, but was still hampered a bit by the fact that I do not know all of songs (and am a bit hampered now by how bloody awful my handwriting is!). Here is the setlist as best as I was able to manage:

This is the point where David Poe came out. They performed two songs and I have no idea what the titles are, at all -- so here I am listing what the topic was for each:

(Sorry, maybe someone else was there who recognized them?)

(David stayed on the stage for the next song)

The band left the stage but people started cheering and we got our encore:

We waited for people to file out (an interesting consequence of the venue's "accessible ramp that snakes through the entire club, row by row" that the Mainstage uses is that it is hard to fight against the traffic heading in the opposite direction to get to the stairs at each level).

But I didn't mind, it was fun to overhear comments from others and see that everyone else enjoyed the show too.

All and all, a very nice Saturday night show to be at -- folks getting to see Duncan and Jim play at subsequent shows in the White Limousine tour are in for a treat!

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