My first Channel 9 appearance!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/12/14 21:48 -05:00, original URI:

All of those people out there who are under the delusion that I am attractive, intelligent, and/or interesting now have the opportunity to see how wrong they are.

Because Robert Scoble interviewed me for Channel 9. :-)

You can check it out right here.

It was a lot of fun to do, so assuming I don't bore everyone to death I will have to try it again some time!

# Gustaf Erikson on 15 Dec 2005 3:19 AM:

Love the T-shirt :-)

# Michael S. Kaplan on 15 Dec 2005 3:21 AM:

Heh, good thing Robert did not pan the camera around the whole office, or you would have seen all of the posters too. :-)

# anutthara on 15 Dec 2005 3:50 AM:

Gosh - except Raymond Chen and Scott Gu, I thought no one would look as young and know so much! But I was wrong... :)

"Expert in something I know nothing about" - interesting!

# pb on 15 Dec 2005 4:17 AM:

I actually enjoyed the video and learned a few new things. Usually I skip Channel 9 videos, because my understanding of spoken English is pretty bad, but I am glad to report that your pronunciation clear even for poor foreigners like me :)

In particular, I found the Outlook Express charset "guessing" hint interesting, because it appears that various Microsoft products have different level of Unicode support. OE is excellent in this regard, while Outlook 2000/XP (or Exchange) seem to have a few interesting minor issues. I work in the email industry and came across i18n problems when things getting complicated: for instance, when Outlook/Exchange processes a multipart HTML email with e.g. UTF-8 subject, it defaults the UTF-8 charset for the entire email, regardless if charset declaration is made for the related MIME part and/or the embedded HTML. This is the issue that foreigners often see when their accented characters become Chinese ideographs. Outlook Express does this correctly. I wonder if the same team reviews the i18n support of the various products.

Anyway, when you pointed out why developers should use Unicode, lack of representation power and speed for ANSI were good points. I would add an often overseen point: the Unicode support of NTFS. If you copy a file with a name which includes characters that cannot be represented in the target system's ANSI codepage, you cannot work with it without Unicode. This is overseen so often that most file managers like Total Commander cannot deal with it. Even Word 2000 have problems with opening documents from the shell with Unicode names.

# Serge Wautier on 15 Dec 2005 7:47 AM:

I just can't believe it. So far I watched the first 20 minutes and you didn't mention appTranslator at all ! And don't even think of telling me you didn't have opportunities.


# Michael S. Kaplan on 15 Dec 2005 9:23 AM:

Sorry Serge, I have to avoid product endorsements on TV. :-)

Hi pb -- Glad you liked the show (and that I remembered not to talk too fast, at least enough so that I was understandable!). Also, I actually have the Word issue on my list of things to cover -- stay tuned.

# Michael S. Kaplan on 15 Dec 2005 9:26 AM:

Hi Anutthara,

I need to treasure the moments where people still say I look young (I will almost certainly miss it when it's gone). :-)

The expertise thing is definitely interesting, and it can be common in internationalization (since one has to support many more languages than one could ever hope to speak....

# Mihai on 15 Dec 2005 8:43 PM:

Cool! Congrats! (twice in two days!)

Now, that I had someone who knows someone at Channel 9, please forward this: "guys, you do a cool thing, but please-please-please invest in a tripod, and learn the basics about handling a camera!"

This one was better, but I had clips about Vista, Indigo, and Win-FX that I had to see in two or three sessions, because I was getting dizzy from the shaking camera! Or is Channel 9 somewhere on a boat?

About you, nothing to complain :-)

# Laura E. Hunter on 16 Dec 2005 3:58 PM:

*waves pom-poms and puffy "Michael #1" foam finger*

Very cool!

# Michael S. Kaplan on 16 Dec 2005 7:12 PM:

Mihai, I will see about forwarding on the info....

# Michael S. Kaplan on 16 Dec 2005 7:12 PM:

I must admit the pom-pom thing seems more appealing, Laura. :-)

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