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by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/09/01 09:48 -04:00, original URI:

Serge Wautier asks in the Suggestion Box:

When I switch my locale from French (Belgium) to Thai, the date switches correctly to sometime in year 2548. However, if I open the calendar applet in Control Panel, the calendar displays Thai months but year is displayed as 2005 !

Why so ? Is it because there's no ReverseGetDateFormat() that the applet could use ?

Just curious...

TIA, Serge.

PS: Don't worry, it's not because you were so kind as to reply my previous question immediately that I intend to flood your suggestion box ;-)

I was not worried -- I still choose when/if to post an answer, after all....

Anyway, the Thai Buddhist calendar will indeed put us somewhere in the 26th century, thus making us around 60 years post Buck Rogers with the single change of the user locale in Regional Options? Pretty impressive, and we even got to skip the 'being frozen in space due to a freak mishap' and all that! :-)

But the calendar applet is not really making full use of the NLS API that it could be, so it is unable to help here in providing an intuitive calendar that has all the right info (it makes the same sort of mistakes in the Hijri and really any calendar that changes the year will hit the problem.

FWIW, how annoying this problem is, is something more than one person who has the desire to see it fixed, or the ability, or both, has noticed. So there may be some movement here one day....


This post brought to you by "؍" (U+060d, ARABIC DATE SEPARATOR)

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