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Just a small sampling of the pictures I took.

Let me see, Teresa did try the 18 and over limbo contest (they did not card her, I think she might have been insulted. But she was in fine form:

but then she turned her head a little:

and was disqualified. :-(

But that is okay, they have a mechanical bull!

Just as before, the start is promising:

However, soon the wheels once again seem to be falling off the wagon:

Maybe this next one could be the photo she uses for the 2006 campaign for PNWADG President:

The advantage to that one is you don't need to write a caption!

Okay, after being eliminated from the first round in limbo and being thrown off the bull in less time then it takes to get on the bull, she is now 0/2.

With that in mind, most people would not want to climb the wall. But our fearless hero has decided that there is a harness, so what can possibly go wrong?

Of course if she had seen the smile on the guy who put the harness on, she would maybe have been a little more nervous. Instead she is asking "where is the wall, Michael?"

With a start that would make anyone nervous:

Yet she seems to be making progress!

And in the end she made it!

There were also hula hoops (I will not put up pictures of her attempts with the hula hoop -- the first try never stayed around her hips long enough to get a pic, and I did not get a pic of the second one). You can just take me at my word that she did so poorly the first time that I am surprised they gave her a second chance, and well enough the secone time that one could reasonably believe she had done it well some time in the distant past.

And there were cheeseburgers and gyros (not pronounced like they are spelled, Teresa!) and drinks of the diet and non-diet variety. And I brought my own Limonata, of course!

So it was a full day, lots of activities. And now after being at Microsoft for nearly three years (and having been invited to it for five different years) can finally say I went to the company picnic at Microsoft!

# Teresa on 1 Aug 2005 1:42 AM:

Hi Michael,
Since you were good enough to share some photos, your extensive use of literary license is forgiven. … Especially if you allow me to temper your fun story with a couple tidbits of truth ;-) Ok, ok … and mostly because it was only via your invitation that I was afforded the opportunity to play <g>.

Although I didn’t have the benefit of tips to successfully ride the bull, I probably had one of the longest rides AND I definitely had the most impressive dismount!! Heck, with a little more gymnastic artistry, I could have scored a 10 point landing by completing that back flip and on my feet ;-). That being said, I have a new respect for those managing to stick to such a slippery seat as the operator ups the challenge.

Oh … and for the record, I was NOT disqualified from the limbo. It’s just that the line was growing faster than I could make it around the loop and it just didn’t seem fair to make you keep waiting for me. After all, you only had ONE battery and it was already struggling (heh heh heh).

Anyway, thanks for the fun and the pictures.

# Michael S. Kaplan on 1 Aug 2005 2:01 AM:

Well, you have your story and I have mine -- and you did not have a very long ride (it probably just seems longer to you!).

# Teresa on 1 Aug 2005 11:31 AM:

Ok ok ... You created such a fun story and it's YOUR blog, so we'll go with your version. Besides, you managed to capture some rather interesting photos! (err … and yes, I will even stoop to flattery if that’s what it takes to get some of my side posted <g>.)

And, of course, you are right about climbing the rock. What on earth was I doing? If I’d seen the skeptical look on the guys face, I might have selected the easy route instead of going straight up the most difficult path. Oh … thanks for not showing me fumbling around trying to find a grip … (this gave me a new perspective for Get a Grip.) However, I do wish that I could have seen the look on the guys face when he thought I was going to fly out of the perimeter ropes having so much fun swinging out as I rappelled.

Anyway, if a picture is worth a thousand words, that afternoon was priceless. So, thank you.
And, err … thanks for NOT posting some of the other shots <g>

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