Aimee Mann is on David Letterman tonight

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/07/27 15:28 -04:00, original URI:

Just thought I would mention this so people could set their Replay TVs or their Tivos appropriately!

Some usually unreliable sources have told me that they still are not sure which new song they want to play from The Forgotten Arm (the new CD, which I mentioned previously). I would personally vote for King of the Jailhouse but they will probably go for something more upbeat musically and/or thematically (plus the band seldom calls me to ask what they ought to play on nationalized television appearances, believe it or not!).

She is also doing the whole Pacific Northwest, and I will probably be at 50-75% of these shows:

Fri Aug 5 '05      Vancouver, BC     Commodore Ballroom
Sat Aug 6 '05   Seattle, WA    South Lake Union Park
Sun Aug 7 '05   Portland, OR  The Aladin
Tue Aug 9 '05   Eugene, OR  McDonald Theater

I think there are still some tickets left for Seattle, and it is general admission so all seats can be good ones. There is even a chance you will see me there if I can get my scooter on the grass! :-)

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