The GIFT Ireland team is really good

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/07/12 04:45 -04:00, original URI:

I noticed some things as I was meeting with the Irish 'wing' of the GIFT team yesterday.

First I had given part one of a four-hour presentation on the state of the world and the state the world that will be in for NLS/NLS+/etc., and then we were meeting to talk about projects they were working on. What I found to be very cool was that even though the team is mostly very "young" in a globalization sense is that there are a lot of really smart people there, and if they do not get something instantly without help (usually they do, BTW!) then they catch on very quickly.

That rocks.

I also liked that people have different areas of expertise and recognize that fact. As far as I was able to glean they are comfortable enough with this that they do not feel competitive or jealous of each other. Everyone just recognizes that they know some things more than their colleagues and other things less. And that is just fine...

Part 2 of the talk is coming up soon here. Sorry I can't share the slides externally, but I can promise you that I and others will be able to share parts as soon as we are allowed. It is all very exciting stuff, some of which is and will be in the hands of our colleagues in Ireland. And I can report first-hand that I believe those things are in good hands here. :-)

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