Getting at ALL of the older 'Sorting It All Out' posts

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/06/10 10:15 -04:00, original URI:

I have blogged about the problems with not being able to get to older posts on this Community Server install we have here on MSDN Blogs. And people have complained about the problem to me too, both by email and by the Suggestion Box.

I mean, Search is great if you know what you are looking for, but lots of people want to just look through the archives and see what I have blathered about from day to day....

And I have even developed a contingent of readers with little or no interest in internationalization who just want to see what the hell I am going say next! This is known to some as the 'Howard Stern' effect, though I am not sure I like the 'shock jock blogger' image, and I certainly do not have adult film stars do the National anthem at basketball games against members of Bruce Springsteen's band or the Lesbian Dating Game or any of the other things Howard does (with good reason, I will add!).

Where was I?

Oh yeah, the problem with getting to old posts....

Here is the workaround you can use until they work out the Community Server issues. :-)

You can look at the posts of any one day by constructing a link such as Thus, I can post links for the early May posts that you cannot reach via the May 2005 link, as follows:

and so on. You can even get to my Super Tuesday posts via this method.

Since I have never yet (and never plan to!) post more than 15 times in one day, this method should be able to make accessible the entire site, from a chronological standpoint.

(Of course the method works with any MSDN blog)

So while I will pine for the day that fix the limitations that keep the results of my voiciferous nature in check, at least there is a way for the ravenous reader to get at my old posts!

# Mike Lippert on 10 Jun 2005 10:25 PM:


# Michael S. Kaplan on 11 Jun 2005 9:27 PM:

You are very welcome! :-)

Leland on 12 Jan 2009 1:45 AM:

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Thank :) Leland.

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