The GrokTalk meme spreads

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/05/30 19:38 -04:00, original URI:

Scott Hanselman posted about GrokTalk, and explained what it is all about:

The deal is this: We've all sat through some pretty lousy technical sessions at conferences. For the most part, sessions at TechEd are filled with good information, but every once in a while you sit through 75 minutes in order to "grok" something that could have been explained in 10 minutes.

We thought it'd be interesting if we put together three days of presentations that were only 10 minutes long! Just the facts, just the technology, in a short format. We'll see presentations from folks you may have seen speak before like Scott Stanfield, Carl Franklin, Billy Hollis, myself, Juval Lowy, as well as a few from out of town, or the other side of that world that you may not have have had the opportunity to see.

Of course, Mike Gunderloy pointed out one flaw:

Frankly one reason I stopped going to Tech Ed was because too many of the 75-minute talks only had 10 minutes of content. Of course if these things are going to end up on the Web anyhow I still don't have any reason to go.

Good point. The downside of ideas that come outside of the group of people who are trying to up attendance. :-)

But since it was announced after TechEd sold out it could not have been about that anyway. But it is about making things more available to more people. And that makes it a good idea.

I do think it is a very good idea, I plan to try and drop in on some of it if I have a chance.

But kind of like all of the times I think of great interview questions that I cannot use since there is not enough time to set them up, it is hard to do what I do in ten minute bites. :-)

Unless you think I could start doing some of these blog posts. Some of them could be done in 10 minutes (although without the links to other posts there could be some trouble trying to use some of them effectively!).

In any case, if you are going to TechEd in Orlando, I'd definitely check them out.

And be sure to stop by Dr. International's clinic (located in the Community Cabana across the hallway from the Developer Tools’ track cabana). I will be in there for a lot of the time that I am in Orlando....

# Scott Hanselman on 30 May 2005 9:40 PM: was because of a number of reasons...lack of content in some sessions, as well as an oppty for folks who wouldn't ordinarily get to talk at TechEd (not every RD is connected) a voice. It'll be fun.

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