Feline Update, and See You at the Show

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/04/09 16:52 -04:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2005/04/09/406841.aspx

I've had people ask me (since I posted about my cat Chelsea being on the roof) how she is doing. So I thought I'd give people an update....

She is doing okay. Moving a bit slower, but still quite happy to be eating Fancy Feast twice a day. Although I have learned something about the lady I have been living with for the last decade.

She doesn't like seafood.

She will eagerly scarf down 95-100% of every 3 ounce can of Fancy Feast unless the flavors are Sardines, Shrimp & Crab in Aspic, Fish & Shrimp Feast, or Ocean Fish Feast in Gravy. For those, she eagerly puts her nose up near them and then pulls back. She looks at me sadly, and then heads over to the dry food that Tammy eats (Tammy seems to be scared of her now, so when Chelsea does this, Tammy's meals are delayed by up to 20-30 minutes!

Tammy hates all of the wet food, she is a 100% dry food kitty.

I guess I will trade in the cans today or tomorrow for flavors of which she is more fond (back in the early days of our relationship she proved that she could out-stubborn me by starving herself if she did not like the food choices, and now that she is sick I am not going to re-test the issue when I am supposed to be pampering her).

I am really worried about how she is doing, though. She does seem okay, but it is obviously having an effect (she used to be quite active, now she is happier lying down quietly). This is really going to start to suck soon.

So, those of you in Seattle going to see Michael Penn tonight (just $10 for the show), I'll see you there (that includes Kevin, and yes Cathy -- you should go too). Its just a few months before Michael's new album, which by the way sounds quite excellent!

And I found out that Aimee Mann is going to be performing at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on July 6th (right when I am there for TechEd Europe) and just a few months after her new album is out. Another show I should probably go see, as long as I am that far from home (those kinds of events usually don't line up so well). I wonder if we could have a Birds of a Feather session at the concert of Mann fans? :-)

Hmmm.... a TechEd, a concert in Europe, a wedding in Seattle, and a B'nei Mitzvah in Houston. Summer is starting to fill up nicely....

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