TechEd Bloggers does not work for this site?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/04/03 20:01 -04:00, original URI:

Not sure why it is, but for some reason the Tech·Ed Bloggers site does not seem to pick up posts I do here, even if they have Tech·Ed or TechEd in the title or included in the body of the post.

I am registered there as is my RSS feed, as you can see here but nothing I have posted about TechEd shows up.

Which is why my post Session info available on the TechEd site! (June 5-10) never showed up there.


Oh well, I am still going to be there, even if Tech·Ed Bloggers does not pick it up.... 

After a huge recent stir here, I was even going to do a Birds of a Feather proposal about security and collation (or the evil that developers do with invariant comparisons), but I am not sure if that is something that speakers (or MS employees for that matter) are supposed to do. Plus I have a hard time knowing how interested people are in a topic like that.

I'll blog about it a bit, at least. I have a little already.

I'll give you a hint. Take the content of the following posts:

Where is the locale? "Its Invariant." In where?
Comparison confusion: INVARIANT vs. ORDINAL
The jury will give this string no weight

and then use your imagination. :-)

This post brought to you by "Ҹ" (U+04b8, a.k.a. CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER CHE WITH VERTICAL STROKE)

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