YASG (yet another speaking gig) near Cleveland!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/03/17 12:23 -05:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2005/03/17/398034.aspx

A few years ago I was in New York City (I have a point here, I promise!).

I was there for a client visit (reviewing an VB6 application that needed better internationalization support). While I was there I also visited Stephen Forte (then CTO for Zagat) as they were also looking into better internationalization and I had dinner with the sister of a fellow speaker from various conferences. Dinner just kind of happened since I was in town anyway and we had been talking about having dinner via email the next time I was in "the City" (funny how New Yorker's alway call NYC "the City" as if everywhere else is a village, isn't it? <grin>). We were at the Four Seasons (don't ask me how I got a reservation with less than 24 hours on a Saturday night -- I promise I did not have Stephen pull any Zagat strings!), but there we were. Anyway I did get a new jacket out of the deal, since I did not come to NYC dressed to go out!

Dinner was nice and we also had brunch on Sunday. At brunch we had a conversation about how even though I was not leaving until Monday we should probably not go crazy and have dinner again, breakfast tomorrow, etc. In other words to not try too hard to squeeze every available moment out of a weekend like squeezing all the water out of a sponge. That would have been a little weird since I was in town for unrelated reasons, and we were already sort of bordering on weird since we saw each other twice over that weekend....

I thought about the concept later, and how often it can be weird to try to squeeze every free moment out of a visit somewhere.

With that said, I am ignoring the lesson and doing yet another speaking gig while I am in Cleveland in April, when I am visiting family and also at another speaking gig (near Cleveland, OH)! :-)

I will be at the Microsoft C#/VB.NET SIG (also connected to the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group), speaking on April 25th (note the day change -- they usually meet on Tuesday!).

Its at the Cuyohoga Community College Coporate College Campus1.

I'll be talking about the exciting new gloalization features in Whidbey -- very similar to the talk I gave in February, though with the talk a few months closer to RTM and >2000 miles from Redmond, I will be able to make the presentation that much cooler.

If you are one of the people who wanted to hear the talk then you have yet another venue at which to hear it!



1 - This name breaks the record on number of consecutive C's in a name, previously held by the Cooperation and Coordination on Cross-Cultural Linguistic Matters (CCCCLM). :-)

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