Who runs the keyboards?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/03/09 11:23 -05:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2005/03/09/390839.aspx

Sung to the tune of a song whose name I cannot recall offhand. Anyone want to help with that? :-)

The customer picked the keyboard,
Picked the keyboard,
The whole computer I daresay,
But the customer doesn't pick it today....

Cuz the OEM picks the keyboard,
For the distro,
So there are those who say
That the OEM picks the keyboard today....

But the MS Hardware builds the keyboards,
Build the keyboards,
Their manufacturing too,
So MS Hardware picks the keyboard, they do....

But the Text Services Framework runs the language bar,
Runs the language bar,
And the selection dialog too,
So the Text Services Framework picks the keyboard, it's true....

But the Shell folks expose the default picking API,
The default picking API
That helps the Language Bar work
So the Shell folks pick the keyboard, no quirk!

But the USER subsystem controls the input,
Controls the input,
And the switching too
So the USER subsystem picks the keyboard, what's new?

But the GIFT team designs the layouts
Designs the layouts,
That all of those folks use
So the GIFT team, picks the keyboard they all choose.

Wait! The customer gives feedback to GIFT
Gives feedback to GIFT,
So then in a way
The customer picks the keyboard today!


This post brought to you by "𝅘𝅥" (U+1d15f, a.k.a. MUSICAL SYMBOL QUARTER NOTE)

# Michael Kaplan on 9 Mar 2005 3:51 PM:

If it helps at all, the Capitol Steps (http://www.capsteps.com/ ) did a song years ago that used about how "Tip O. ruled the congress, ruled the congress, and he got his way, but Tip O. doesn't rule it today..."

It skipped down to congress, then Reagan, then the White House, then inflation. It ended by talking about how Tip O. runs inflation, so maybe he did rule the congress after all?

Anyway, I cannot remember the name of the song it is based on to save my life. It willdrive me crazy until someone sets me free and tells me what it is. :-)

No guesses so far. :-(

# Matt on 10 Mar 2005 1:53 AM:


# Michael Kaplan on 10 Mar 2005 1:56 AM:

Yep, thats the one!

Thanks. :-)

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