Successful experiment

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/03/08 00:25 -05:00, original URI:

The posts I did earlier today:

were, in my opinion, a successful experiment for this blog. A localization experiment that seemed to work.

I think I will try and do this again some time, maybe with different languages that sync up with the topics in question since it may be the only way I could hope to convince a localizer to do a job like this on one of these posts for free (the best I can offer a localizer beyond my undying thanks is a salary for translation that is up to five times what I make from the post myself, which is -0-. You do the math).

If you are a localizer and you are interested then let me know, almost every language in the world has at least one thing about it that is interesting and might have some interesting topic associated with it. Other than English, which is just really boring. Or maybe (ok, probably) that is just how I use the english language. Now that I say it aloud, I think that it might make an interesting project to try to translate my words into english, some day.

Ok, enough trolling. Time to get back to work. Well, actually to the West Wing. This new Bravo schedule that plays over six hours of continuous and only partially sequential episodes is genuinely weird in my opinion. Yet I am still going to go watch it.


# Steven on 8 Mar 2005 4:35 AM:

Did you actually know what the text said (it's all squiglies to me) and what'll you do if people actually respond in Thai?

I assume you had somebody translate it from Thai into English. Does Microsoft have dedicated interpreters for this kind of thing?

# Michael Kaplan on 8 Mar 2005 5:02 AM:

Well, I know because someone took the English article and translated (localized) it.

Microsoft does indeed have localizers for various languages, though generally they are doing that work for software products, rather than for blogs. :-)

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