Tech Ed 2005 in Orlando? Moi? Perhaps....

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/02/25 07:11 -05:00, original URI:

Looks like I may be speaking at Tech Ed 2005 in Orlando, FL. They have not contacted me yet about travel plans, and I am not willing to say whether its definitely happened until someone has forked out money for a plane ticket. So for now I'll just say I may be speaking. Though they seem pretty sure otherwise.

But I will go out on a limb and talk about the sessions now, for those who might be interested....

The topics:

Databases for the World: Designing Multilingual Databases Using SQL Server 2005

Track(s): Database Development
Yukon introduces new and enhanced international features such as those that are important to customers in East Asia - like the handling of supplementary characters (which has not been the case in prior versions). This session highlights the new features and provide code samples and best practices to exploit them.

Databases for the World: Optimizing Search in Multilingual Data Sets Using SQL Server Collation for Sorting and Indexing

Track(s): Database Administration
Many SQL customers have poor understanding of how collation (sorting/indexing) works in multilingual databases and what the best practices are for searching multilingual data sets. This is an opportunity to learn the in's and out's of multilingual data set searching.

The titles/abstracts were not mine (honestly, do they sound like me? <grin>), but the sessions will be 100% me. And they will both be way cooler than the .NET Developers Association database talk I did last August since I will be able to say so much more about Yukon here than I was almost a year prior....

And there are people down in that part of the country who were wanting to find a means to send me briefcases full of money to talk about/train on these very topics in a consulting deal who can get the expertise at bargain prices if they show up for TechEd, which does not require the money in cash (small, non-sequential bills only, please!) the way I might have! :-)

# Peter Ibbotson on 25 Feb 2005 7:41 AM:

Any chance of pre-conference review copies?
We would honestly devour and critique just this subject at the moment, as we haven't yet shipped anything for SQL2005 and it is our target database for the next version and right now change is easy.
This reminds me we must submit our binary collation sequence bug (minor difference between 2K & 2K5)
Failing that fancy doing TechEd Amsterdam?

# Michael Kaplan on 25 Feb 2005 7:44 AM:

Not sure how much I can do early, but we will see....

What are the details of the bug you are referring to?

No idea about Amsterdam -- I do have to be invited to these things, after all. :-)

# Brian on 25 Feb 2005 8:29 AM:

If I were writing the titles, I would stay away from "exploit" and its negative connotations.

# Michael Kaplan on 25 Feb 2005 8:30 AM:

I completely agree, Brian -- my first slide may have to repudiate the session descriptions. :-)

# Peter Ibbotson on 25 Feb 2005 9:15 AM:

Err.... It something obscure to do with binary collation and trailing spaces vs trailing NULs.
We do some VERY ugly things with SQL server for cross database support reasons and I think we were waiting for a version later than Beta 2 to surface so we could recheck it.
I know we got most of the way down turning it into a "good" bug report but we haven't tested it with the version of SQL server that came with the December CTP.
It does however exist as a support item on our internal database the comment currently that I can see is that someone has put a note on saying that you don't get "correct" (This is from our compatibility point of view) results in either.
While writing this I've found the script has a sensible comment block at the top which I've pasted below:

using collation sequence LATIN_GENERAL_BIN
The problem manifests itself when a null character(CHAR(0)) is present in a string.
In SQL2005 N'AA' + CHAR(0) + N' ' appears before N'AA'+CHAR(0)
In SQL2000 N'AA' + CHAR(0) + N' ' appears after N'AA'+CHAR(0)

I can send over the whole script if you want?

# Michael Kaplan on 25 Feb 2005 9:28 AM:

No, I don't need the script (I do not have an enlistment over there, haven't for years). But when/if you get the bug in, let me know and I'll keep an eye on it.... :-)

# Severin on 3 May 2005 4:35 AM:

Are there any information on the Net about "Designing Multilingual Databases Using SQL Server 2005"?
We're currently studing the new features of the SQl2005 Yukon at our University, but unfortunately we haven't found any thing about these new Features.

# Michael S. Kaplan on 3 May 2005 9:41 AM:

Hi Severin,

There is information in SQL Server 2005's Books Online, and some time after I do the talks I'll probably put the slides of my show online here. I do not know of any other specific sources of information on the web.

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