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by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/01/08 16:36 -05:00, original URI:

Kind of an answer to Robert Scoble's plea to please write better RSS headlines.

Sometimes my posts will have relevant titles, sometimes they may even have relevant content.

But as I told people years ago when they asked me why I was so into this international stuff, I do not write about what I do to improve my hit count. And I certainly do not do it to get more people to link to me or become a disciple of me or even a groupie of me. Those ideas all scare me in increasing order of fear factor, and I know of at least one person who would have put themselves in each of those categories in the past....

So my titles will continue to stay where they are even though they are not always relevant. Instead they will be based on what I am thinking about when I am writing. Sometimes it will be clever, more often it will be something that I think is clever even though the fact that I have no sense of humor will intrude. And sometimes it will even be relevant to the post.

And if it means that folks like Scoble are less likely to read it, then that is fine. It seems like that is a good way to avoid getting Slashdot coverage, anyway (and if ever there was a list of reasons to not have a blog, that would be two items on the list, maybe three!).

I once had over half a million hits per month on my web site and the only real effect it had on my life was that I could not do as much live updating as I wanted. So I'd rather aim lower from now on.

Sorry Robert, I am not doing this for the hit count. I promise that if you were going to skip it that it was probably not going to be all that interesting anyway.


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# Robert Scoble on 8 Jan 2005 3:12 PM:


I read you anyway. You don't write that much, so when I click over I see almost all your posts in my preview window.

But, getting a link is definitely easier when you write a decent headline.

# Michael Kaplan on 8 Jan 2005 5:01 PM:

No link required, dude. In fact, the fewer the better. :-)

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