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by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2004/11/27 12:25 -05:00, original URI:

I am still finding my way around this whole thing, so this policy will probably change.

For now, the policy is that I check to make sure it has some relevance to the topic; if it is then I will let it go up.

If it's spam (and there has been some of that already, don't these people have lives?) then it will be deleted without explanation.

If its just offtopic (and I can be broad in my definintion of offtopic since I have often caused threads to drift) then I will send it back to the person posting with info on what I am doing if I am able to determine who to contact. Mostly I'll just let it be posted unless it's really random.

If its a report of a typo then I will leave it there until I correct the problem (after which I will probably delete it). If its a more substantial correction then a simple typo then I will most likely leave it up unless doing so would irreparably harm the impression that I am right about everything important. :-)

Addendum 13 December 2004: Generic "Great Site!" comments that have no actual content but are intended only to increase the visibility of an unrelated site will be rejected with extreme prejudice.

Addendum 22 December 2004: At times the documentation problems, bugs, and design flaws to which I point might cause people to misunderstand my motives. I will therefore try to make them clear. I believe that the Microsoft internationalization functionality is basically superior to everything else out there. I am thus very pro-Microsoft and confident enough about that functionality that I believe it is not a mistake to "expose" the information about problems here. However, no one should ever mistake that approach and believe that I am somehow inviting Microsoft-bashers to have a platform upon which they can do their bashing. If this applies to you then you probably know who you are, but just in case you can ask yourself if you prefer Monopolysoft or Micro$oft to Microsoft or M$ to MS; if your answer is "yes" then you are probably mistaking this blog for a place for MS bashing....

Addendum 23 April 2005: I am going to experimentally only moderate comments that are anonymous to see if I can still keep a handle on the spam problem. I'll let you know if this causes any problems....

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